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Why Kids must be involved in choosing their clothes?

Our outfit communicates information about ourselves, even if it is not always consciously. At a certain age, our kids start making their first decisions, what they like to eat, play, watch and wear between others. But the crazy life we live as parents makes us take the fastest  route and just decide/impose all those things. But have you wondered what happens when we don’t involve our kids in deciding what to wear?  When we don’t let our kids choose their clothes, we deprive them of learning to make decisions.

Darío Fernández, physician and psychologist at the Legazpi Medical Center in Madrid, explains that “having authoritarian parents who decide everything for their Kids can make them insecure and have low self-esteem.”


If children choose their clothes and decide on their appearance, they gain advantages for their development: they feel more respected and valued, acquiring self-confidence. In addition, their personality gets strengthened, and they become more autonomous.


Within limits, children should be able to choose and decide on their image. Allowing them to decide what clothes to wear helps them express their personality and take responsibility for their body and its care. 

A good recommendation would be to let them participate in the shopping process; together, you can decide and suggest what it is appropriate to wear in a  specific season or occasion. 


I guess sometimes we just have to let them grow, even though more than once their outfit could be worthy of a costume contest!